BISS Am GCH Can CH Yukon’s Turn the Page OS, Can OS
Sire: CH Bravo’s Old Spice SDHF, OS
Dam: AM/CAN CH Thornelea Yukon’s Reba
Whelped: July 2, 2002
OFA GR-83512G24M-PI / OFA GR-EL-9741M24-PI / OFA CA6299/12M/C-PI / Eye Clear


Seger Started his show career when he was 6 months old, His first weekend out he won BOW for 2 points…….
After the show, Seger jumped up on a grooming table and he caught his hock on the corner of the table and he broke his hock…….there was a good prognosis because Seger’s growth plates where not closed yet…..Seger was put in a cast from mid-January through mid-March……..after he got his cast off he then went for 12 visits on the underwater treadmill to get him back in shape…….. this ended in the end of April…….

In May, Seger won a Major RWD at the Yankee GR Club Specialty…..

Seger’s greatest win was in June 2003 when he was 11 months old, he won BOB from the puppy class (over several speicals)…..and he then went on to win a Sporting Group 1………..

Seger finished his American Championship in May 2004 when he was 22 months old. He won BOB from the classes…..(over 4 specials) and he also won a Group 4 the same day……

Seger, in Very Limited Showing as a special, has taken several BOBs……He also placed 3rd Place in the Stud Dog Class at the 2008 and He also made it through the first 2 cuts in BOB at the 2008 GRCA National……..

In July 2009 Seger wins BOB at Hoyloke KC on his 7th Birthday….and in August Seger wins Best Veteran and also wins a Veteran Sporting Group One.

Seger was shown sparingly as a special in 2009…He won BOBs at shows with heavy competition….at Ladies Dog Club Seger won BOB and his 14 month old daughter won BOS…Ch. Numoon Yukon Anticipation “Carly”.

Seger, was brought out and shown in BOB for the Breeders Circuit at the age of 9 years old and he won Back to Back BOBs…..Seger earned his Grand Championship Title with most points earned at Specialties and BOB at Supported Entries under breeder judges and provisional judges…….

Seger was shown in the veterans class at Hudson Valley in 2012 at almost 10 years old….and he won BOB and Best Veteran….this was so exciting as he earned a BISS…..

BISS Am GCH Can Ch Yukon’s Turn The Page

Seger has a great show attitude and it shows with his accomplishments……and Seger has definatley exceeded our expectations………..Many, many, many of Seger’s kids are following in his footsteps……..


Pedigree of “BISS Am GCH Can CH Yukon’s Turn the Page OS, Can OS”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

CH Bravo’s Old Spice SDHF, OS     


AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat’s Spellbound SDHF, OS

 AM/CAN CH Signature’s Natural Wonder SDHF, OS, CGC, TT
CH Ducat’s Fortune In Gold CDX, WC, SH, VCX
Ginge Ain’t Whistling Dixie OD CH Tangleloft Odds On Pebwin CD, WCD, VC, OS
CH Gower’s Ginge TGIF, OD


AM/CAN CH Thornelea Yukon’s Reba

AM/CAN CH Thornelea Dennis CGC CH Faera’s Future Classic OS
Thornelea Elan
Thornelea Abigail Online Sutter Creek Wind Jam R
AM/CAN CH Thornelea Charlie’s Angel CD, CGC, OD


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