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Puppy Fan Mail


Well, we made it back to L.A. in one piece...not one "accident" on the entire flight! The puppy is incredibly sweet. Ann and the kids love her (as expected). She is adapting to her new home in grand style. Our four cats aren't very happy but they'll deal with it over time.

Thanks very much.


Hi Charlene,

I thought you might like to see our favorite little guy...8 weeks..We call this our H.R. Puff-n-stuff face. He has such a funny personality, Has mastered the sit, and working on the down...likes to wrestle with Magnum....will send more pictures in a few weeks, hope all is well.


Hi Charlene,

How is it going? We have a great dog on our hands, he really is awesome!! Cosmo is huge!! I was wondering when we should be receiving his papers from AKC? Here are a few pictures of Cosmo, he is beautiful and we love him so much!!!




We were wondering if any of your dogs will be having a litter in the fall. We got our dog Calvin from you in November 2000. He has been a wonderful part of our family and he is still going strong! The attached photo is Calvin at a pond in Maine in 2006. We've been thinking we'd like to have another Golden and we've been so happy with Calvin that we love to get another dog from you.

Best Regards,


Hi Charlene,

I hope this finds you well. This is our big guy!!! He is about 45 pounds....he is healthy and very happy. He is very smart and learning quickly, Magnum is a great teacher. We just spent the week in the mtns and he did a lot of snow shoeing and loved every minute of it.....will keep you posted.



Hello Charlene,

Just a quick message and some photos of Tucker for you to enjoy. He is totally smothered with love and affection, and we couldn't imagine life without him in the family. I do get to Millis every now and then (I have a client there), so maybe I will bring him sometime. Let me know if you think that's a good idea or not (?).

I don't know where the time goes!? ......he is already over 8 months old. Consider yourself invited to his first birthday party 10/6/07... We are already thinking about it, and he has several dog "buddies".

He is a beautiful dog.'s all in the breeding! Sorry I didn't get these photos to you sooner. Work and life = crazy.


P.S. I will call you before I drop in, as a courtesy.

Hi Charlene,

I just wanted to update you on our puppy. We named her Daisy. She is not shy and she seems to be doing very well. She loves the kids and is very playful. My vet was very impressed with all of your paperwork on Vogue and Bear. She said that it is very rare to find a breeder who checks hips, elbows, eyes and heart. So Thank You very much for our wonderful puppy!!

Laura and Dave


Hi Charlene,

How are you? I thought I would send you some pictures of the little female that I brought home on June 29th (she turned 14 weeks old yesterday).

The kids wanted to name her Sasha, in honor of my first golden that passed away 2 years ago, and she is so-o-o pretty that the name fits her perfectly. She is still petite and won't be nearly as big as Jack and Biscuit, She has a lot of spunk, though, for someone her size and sometimes gives the big dogs 'a run for their money'...LOL. She still has a facination with feet and shoes. If I stand too long in the kitchen (cooking, washing dishes, etc.) she will drape herself across the top of my feet and take a nap.

I am really enjoying her and I want to thank you for such a wonderful little girl. I included a couple of pics with Biscuit too. It took a few weeks for him to warm up to her but now they are great friends.

Thanks again,

Donovan and Jazzy

Hi Charlene,

Aren't these the most beautiful Golden's you've ever seen?! I've been wanting to send puppy pics but had such a major power surge that fried my computer despite a surge protector and need to still get them on my new one.

Anyway, Donovan and Jazzy are perfect for each other and for me. Donovan is a very laid back confident dog who doesn't feel the need to listen to me unless I have treats in my hand. (The trainer says it's because he's in his adolescent phase.) Jazzy however loves to please and is not only easy but very bright. She started walking in a heel position right next to me without me ever teaching her to do this. She is incredible- very sensitive, and will "yell" at Donovan when he is jumping on me and not listening to stop. She not only "yells" at him, she runs in and jumps on him to distract him and make him stop. She eats like a little lady in a very dainty way and is very loving.

They both have attended puppy kindergarten, basic training , and now are going to agility and flyball as well as socialization/playgroups. Donovan is a natural clown in the classes and loves to have a good time. He loves to get loose and run around the room in a game of catch me if you can because in agility and flyball the things they do are not on a leash. And then he comes back very pleased with himself because I often can't help laughing at his antics as I love spirited, somewhat mischievous dogs. Early on I was following the trainers advice to simply look away or turn around and ignore him when he jumped on me. So when he jumped on me I turned my back to him, and what did he do but nip me on my butt playfully. How could I keep a straight face at that, especially when he was "smiling" when I turned to look at him. I'm hoping one or both of them end up on a flyball team and still plan on having them go fo their canine good citizenship training so one or both can be therapy dogs. sad to say but as of right now their social life is better than mine between going to playgroups and agility and/or flyball every week. And I'm so glad that I got 2 puppies at the same time because they're best buddies and love to play with each other. Jazzy's good for Donovan because she's more energetic while he tends to lay around more so she keeps him active and exercised.

They both continue to amaze me what great dogs they are. I don't think either one have an aggressive bone in their body. The other day in flyball Donovan sniffed a dog who snarled at him and Donovan jumped back a little with this expression of complete puzzlement as if to say, "Why are you like that? I was just being friendly". It was as if that kind of aggression was completely foreign to him, and he couldn't understand why any dog would be that mean and angry. I kind of felt bad for him because he's such an easy-going, friendly guy.

Anyway, they are incredible dogs and I couldn't be happier to have them. I'll try to send you other pics soon.

Have a great holiday season,


Hi Charlene

Hope all is well. Wyatt is doing great. He is 35 pounds already but just a big lap smart and sweet with the kids. We just adore him and can't Thank You enough. We brought him to the Santa parade last weekend and a family just loved him, so we gave them your name. You may get a call sometime. I've attached a few photos.

We are going on vacation and wondered if you would be available to board Wyatt? We've never boarded our dogs before. He is a good boy so he shouldn't be much trouble. Let me know when you have a chance.



Hi Charlene

We adopted a LadyBug puppy from you on Nov 15th. Her name is Sophia. My husband Mike and I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a wonderful addition Sophia is to our home. She is delightful and fun with the girls. She loves to run in the backyard with them and my girls adore it as well. She still nips a bit and chews things, all puppies do, she doesn't do it as badly as I expected. We are finally learning each other's cues for when to do out so she can do her business. The number of indoor accidents has decreased significantly since her arrival.

Currently, Sophia is sitting on the couch gazing at me with her beautiful eyes. We are excited for the snowfall to take her into the snow. She didn't care for the ice, but who does?

I've attached a couple photos for you to see her.

Good Luck with your new litter!
Merry Christmas,


Hi Charlene

Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I thought you would like to hear that where ever we go we are told that Kelsey is the most beautiful golden ever seen!!! Our dog trainer thinks she is absolutely beautiful, our vet has said she is the sweetest dog ever....(of course our cat might not agree with that....)

Thanks Again,
Peg and Jeff


Hi Charlene

Here is a little something I wrote about Lila for a Golden forum. I thought you would appreciate it.

Meet Lila, born May 11, 2007. She is a true joy. She is confident and playful and loves all of creation (animal and plant kingdoms anyway!) Lila dies to greet and play with everyone and every animal she meets. Sometimes it seems that she is going to jump out of her own skin at the ecstasy of seeing someone new (even if the perosn was just in the room!) If rebuked, Lila smiles and pants, not understanding why the crazy dog is barking or growling at her or why the person seems indifferent. Lila definatley wears her gigantic heart on her sleeve. Lila is intellegent, and she likes to do things HER way. She has been quick to learn commands, but will perform them only if she asserts her own interpretation: for example, a "Lila sit" includes lots of aviodance scratching and sniffing and a "Lila down" means curling around the front of us and/or laying on our feet. Unless, of course, you have a treat, in which case she locks her eyes on you and will stay as still as a statue. She is very observant and doesn't miss anything- ever- and could be content sitting and watching all day long. (EVERYTHING is a source of curiosity.) Except that she is extremely athletic: her gait and leaps are beautiful. We are thinking about getting involved in agility with her. Field trials would not be a good option, as Lila is no bloodhound! She can sniff right on top of an object that is partially covered by a leaf and still not be able to locate it. We wanted a companion dog, and while she might not make the best hunting partner, Lila is perfect for us. We are getting married this year and hope to have human children someday, and Lila has made us really feel like we are finally a pack. We hope that she stays with us for a long. long time.


Hi Charlene and John,

We are still enjoying every moment with our beautiful Mia. Her sister, Brandy is now 15 years old and tries to keep up. Mia is very patient and they adore each other. I hope you are keeping this beautiful line going. I'm sure we'll be giving you a call again someday. Mia won 1st place in show and obedience at Norfolk Aggie. Now Kerry is off to college to be a vet assistant and wants to continue to train dogs. Thank You Again!

The Sawash Family.....






Dear Charlene

I wanted you to know how much I love and enjoy Molly. She has been a wonderful companion. She earned her Therapy Dog Credentials a year ago and goes to the Concord Hospital visiting patients- adults and pediatrics and does a reading program at a local school. It has really been the best for her and for me. Thank You again for knowing what a great match we would be.



Dear Charlene

Thank You so much for Charlie- he is the sweetest puppy. He is doing so well with his training. He starts odedience class this week.

I am sending some photos. Thanks again and we will keep you posted on his progress.

Linda- NEADS


Hi Charlene

My name is Teena and I'm Charlie's puppy raiser. Sorry its taken so long for me to contact you. Charlie is a great pup and is getting big. He lives with another dog and a cat and likes to play with them both. He goes to work with me everyday and has many friends- my co-workers and customers......Some customers come just to see him. I've included some photos. I'm hoping to get some more photos made up for you that are more recent. Thank You for donating him.

I'll write again soon,

Teena and Charlie


Hi Charlene

We have named our baby and wanted to let you know for her AKC papers.

We will call her Clare. It works perfectly since her mother is Sunshine!

Clare is doing well. She loves her crate and goes in all by herself, sleeps from 9:30 to 5:30 and comes to her name. She is a retriever all right and even as a baby brings back toys you throw for her. She will chase them and retrieve over and over. Clare seems very calm inside the house and lies on her bed watching me in the kitchen or office, but when she is outside she bounces and prances with excitement. She plays with a very light weight Frisbee that "flies" when she throws it with a shake of her head. This is a fun trick! Thank You so much for choosing the perfect puppy for us. Can you tell we adore her?

I have transferred the medical record at Dr. Crowell's. The woman on the phone told me how lucky I am to have one of your pups and she certainly is right!


Sasha- 7 Weeks

Sasha and Biscuit

Hi Charlene

I thought I would send you some updated pictures of Sasha.....she turns 10 months old today!!! She has to be THE most beautiful golden I have ever seen! She has the cutest face! She is still small compared to my other big goobers but I love her size. She may be small but she is feisty in personality, extra smart, too. Biscuit is the top male at this house but Sasha rules the roost (both boys and girls).......LOL! Anyway, I just wanted to Thank You for such a nice golden girl----she is just perfect!

Of course, I love my boy, Biscuit, too. He is very attached to me and even though he will still counter-surf if my back is turned----I've had to re-make lots of peanut butter sandwiches because he steals the peanut buttered side of the bread while I'm at the frig. getting the jelly......hahahaha! So, thank you also for my wonderful boy Biscuit. He's the first dog that I have ever owned that taught himself to return the ball at my feet after I've thrown it for him. He could do that all day long. His favorite of all his balls is this lime green Cuz ball. I don't know why it has to be that particular one, since we have lots and lots of Cuz balls in all different colors, and even have another lime green one, but it's that certain one that he loves best.

Well, I hope you have a nice day. I don't even dare ask what litters you have coming up! I might decide that I want another one! YIKES.

Thanks again,


Rudy and Foxy

Hi Charlene

I have been meaning to send an update on the puppy. We decided to name our puppy Nala and she is going great! I don't know if you need anything else from me for the AKC papers. Sorry it has taken so long to send you an update.

I have included a picture for you, she is the one in front of the picture on a puppy play date with another Golden. The other Golden is only 2 months older than her and I keep thinking how fast she is growing.

Take Care,

Hi Charlene,
We're enjoying Baxter so much! He's such a smart pup and such a charmer. Haven't decided on his name for the registration yet, but will get in touch when I do. Have a great Easter. Be in touch soon.


See attached photo

Hi Charlene

Tucker is now 6 months old and quite the handsome guy. He weighs 60 pounds and is sweet and loving. He is still the best puppy ever--- sooooo, sooooo eager to be well- behaved. He is fabulously athletic and has great leaping, catching and pouncing skills. He and Clare spar a lot, but snuggle up for naps. They walk together on a tandem harness, too. Good exercise for everyone and cooperation is required (good for Clare!!). They gets lots of attention which Clare just eats right up. Hope you like the pictures :)

You have vacation coming up, right? I hope you have a wonderful time!!


Tilley and her daughter Elly (on the left) and Murphy (on the right) got to meet up at No. Stonnington Fairgrounds for a doggie fun day!! I hope everyone is well!

Hi Charlene

Tucker is almost one now and is an awesome, handsome dog.
Here he is in a quiet moment with Clare, and one of each of them in Nova Scotia.
Clare is the beautiful princess who does not like the water. Tucker loves the ocean-- a true Lab.
He outweighs Clare by 15 pounds so she is no longer slinging him across the kitchen floor by the collar!

I tell people about you at least every week when the dogs and I are walking. We have the invisible fence now, but they love to socialize away from home too.

Thanks for all you do to bring wonderful dogs into the world! :-)

Hi Charlene

I thought I would send you a few pictures of Biscuit and Sasha. Today is Biscuit's 4th Birthday (well, when I began this e-mail it was his Birthday but I just noticed that it is now after midnight) so I was thinking of you. I can't believe that he is already four-- it seems as if time has flown right by. Biscuit is a wonderful boy and is totally devoted to me.

Sasha is 2 1/2 yrs old and is the cutest little thing. She's still tiny and she has a puppyish look to her face. Everyone who meets her thinks she is so beautiful. She's my shadow. She loves to be where ever I am.

Both of them love to play ball. They are the first dogs that I've owned to actually bring me the ball so I can throw it again. They could do it all day long, if I let them.

Thanks so much for the wonderful dogs.

Hi Charlene

Our little Scout is doing exceptionally well. He is happy, playful and a bundle of Joy to all of us. Thanks so much. Big Higs to daddy Seger and mommy Marilyn. If you guys ever want to come visit us don't hesitate.

Healthy and Happy New Year to you and Jay.


Seger and MLE Male Puppy

Dear Charlene

Just wanted you to know that you will be forever in our memories! That was the best Christmas morning for our children EVER! We cannot thank you and Jay enought for allowing us at your home on December 25th!!

Rocco is just the best.....we love him so much! The kids are still fighting over who takes him out! The crate has worked out fantastic right from the beginning. He has slept for approximatley 7-8 hours every night with a max of 1 min of yelping!

He has decided that he likes the Eukanuba with a little water and a little wet food mixed in....whatever as long as he is eating and growing, we are happy!

Hope all is well with you and that your latest litter is doing great. You were just wonderful through the entire process. We will always recommend you to anyone looking for the cutest Goldens around.

Happy New Year!
Cindi, Greg, MacKenzie, Julia and Harrison


Hi Charlene

I hear that Clare and Tucker are doing a great job selling puppies for you! Both my hairdresser, Heather, and neighbors from down the street are both getting a Carly puppy soon. Clare means "famous" in Irish Gaelic, and she has done a great job getting acquainted with the kids and families around town. She is not only exceptionally beautiful, she has a lovely princess presence. At Halloween kids came to the door and asked if this was Clare's house :-) As you can see in the picture, Tucker is the most handsome Lab ever and has the best temperment--- so loving and eager to please and very smart. He loves everyone.

I hope you are having fun with the new babies. Here's wishing you another wonderful year being the best dog breeder around!


Hi Charlene

I don't know if you remember me, I adopted my beautiful Daisy from you, she was one of Taylor's puppies back in 2001. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am, Daisy is such a wonderful companion and still going strong, although she's getting a little white in the face and slowing down a bit. I've attached a photo so you can see what she looks like now. Someday when the time is right I hope to be in touch for another beautiful puppy.

Thanks Again, we couldn't imagine life without our Daisy.



Email: Charlene Devens
Massachusetts  02054


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